Canada. For those who love nature

Despite the multitude of large metropolitan areas, travelers come to Canada primarily for eco-tourism.

Just look at the map: in one country you can feast your eyes on cold tundra, the coasts of the Arctic Ocean, thick forests, crystal clear lakes, mountain ranges and even prairies. Not every country could boast such a natural diversity!That is why the most popular places of Canada are connected, first and foremost, with sports. The beauty of the local ski resorts will amaze even the most weathered traveler. Whistler, Big White, Lake Louise – here are just some of the many resorts you can visit. Not only that, but you can also enjoy winter sports in Canada virtually all year round – from October to July.Any country guide will, without doubt, recommend visiting the largest cities of Canada. The unofficial capital – Toronto – will delight tourists with an interesting schedule of local events; Montreal will show them the historic buildings of the 18th century; Vancouver will surprise them with its outskirts interspersed with spectacular mountain footpaths.And don't forget about the main attraction of Canada – Niagara Falls, where the streams of water drop down from 55 meters of height. There are lots of viewing points around, so anyone can enjoy the captivating scenery. As for the types of transport that can take you here, you can fly by plane from Toronto and take a local bus, or you can schedule a 1-day tour from Ottawa or, again, from Toronto.

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