Brazil: in harmony with nature

It is worth visiting Brazil and its capital, Rio de Janeiro – if only to witness the harmony with nature which people can achieve in their life.

They managed to build metropolitan cities between the roaring Atlantic Ocean and real mountains without disturbing the natural balance. Moreover, the main landmarks of this country emphasize the natural beauty of South America. But first things first.The crown jewel of Brazil is the multitude of its beaches with their thick white sand. For a relaxing time at the coast, you can go one of the resorts of Angra Dos Reis, Ubatuba, Búzios, as well as the most famous beaches of the world – Ipanema, Leblon, and Copacabana. Here, the atmosphere is always casual and homelike, so tourists feel at ease.The country guide will surely lead tourists to the most popular places of Rio, the main one being Christ the Redeemer – a statue overlooking the city that can be seen virtually from anywhere below. This symbol of Brazil stands on Mount Corcovado. Straight from there, using a cable car, you can go down to visit another important landmark – «Sugarloaf Mountain», and then even lover down, along the rocky jungle forest. The map of Rio also has numerous churches with unusual architecture. There are several interesting museums in this country, including O Museu do Índio (a museum dedicated to Native Americans), The National Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Brazil is also famous for the most colorful carnival in the world! Children of the Sun, as the locals call themselves, hold the festival from the end of February to the beginning of March. And of course, anyone can visit.As for the transport, it's better to travel around Brazil by buses or local ferries – or, if you are in one of the large centers, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, you can easily catch a taxi.

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