Seoul Station (서울역)

Metro Station
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Shelley W
39 month ago
Information desks in the center- super helpful if you need it. Always busy, but it seems like there are always people around to ask for help if you need it 👍🏼
Lauren G
44 month ago
Clean station. Lots of snacks and food to choose from if you need it before/after your ride!
Tiff T
62 month ago
Need to get to exit 15 (airport rail side) from the metro side? Follow the signs towards exit 3, then turn left through the doors for airport rail and go down the stairs. Don't use the turnstiles!
Jeremy B
66 month ago
Seoul Station will soon have a "High Line" landscaping.
Viacheslav D
72 month ago
Множество входов выходов: пересечение зелёной, синей и ктх аэропорта линий. Есть буфеты, магазины, автоматы продуктов, лифты, wc,wifi- можно жить не тужить.
David J
87 month ago
You have to know where to exit the station to find the subway. Its not easy to find nested outside a big station.
Jake C
120 month ago
가능하면 주차장에 주차하시지 마시구 전철타고 오세요 성수기나 주말되면 컨트롤이 안됩니다
122 month ago
Dont be fooled when transferring to Line 1 or other lines the transfer is kind of long.
134 month ago
서울역4호선에서 내려서 4번출구로 나가려면 엄청 걸으셔야해요 뻥 조금 보태면 전철역 하나정도 걷는 느낌?
Zephyr L
146 month ago
1호선 갈아타기)4호선 노원방면 1-1번칸 / 사당방면 10-4번칸4호선 갈아타기)1호선 시청방면 10-4번칸(에스컬레이터), 10-3번칸(계단) / 구로방면 1-2번칸(계단)서울역 환승센터)1호선 구로방면 3-2번칸 / 시청방면 8-3번칸4호선 사당방면 8-3번칸 / 노원방면 3-3번칸
  • 용산구 한강대로 405 (1호선, 4호선, 경의중앙선, 공항철도), Hoe hyeon dong, Jung gu, Seoul, 04320, South Korea, GPS: 37.55509,126.97262